Honour Killing

“You will marry that boy”
“No! I do not love him. My heart belongs to another”
So her demise is arranged. A bullet to the skull
Dishonor is purged; honour restored

“Remain with your husband!”
“No! He beats me every day!”
So she is killed. Bones broken under familiar feet
Shame is put away; honour restored

“I have been raped papa”
“You are no longer chaste?! You have been soiled?!!”
Into the ground she goes ushered there by familiar hands
Disgrace has been removed; honour restored

“I am strong. I am free. I have a voice and I will use it. I have thoughts, opinions, desires and I will express them”
For that she is strangled. A familiar face the last thing she sees
The dishonor is dead; our honour restored

Your honour is shit

Rest in Peace Qandeel Baloch and every other victim of “honour killing”


honor 2

honor victims 2


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