You, your dream and that person you admire

Good evening dear reader!! 😀
So you have a dream, an idea or maybe even a product of some kind that’s leaving you all giddy like:
happy dance
I AM THE SHIT!!!!!!!
And then there is this person you deeply deeply deeply admire. Maybe it’s their personality, their achievements or other things but the point is you really really really look up to these people. In their presence you practically go:
screaming fan
YOU ARE THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And one day you decide to share with him/her your “baby”. You do so and you get a most unenthusiastic response from them. Any colder and you’d probably end up like:

frozen man 2
You see they don’t see the value of your idea. They don’t see the point of it. Perhaps they think it’s a total waste of time  and they let you know it as plainly as possible. Needless to say, you are crushed
Of all people you thought that THEY would understand and see the worth of what you are carrying! You thought that THEY would not only appreciate it but would even get behind it and help you push it forward!! You thought, you thought and with these thoughts you burn and perhaps you are even thinking of giving up on your baby…
But slow down love. Here’s a question:
“Who told you that those you look up to are under any obligation to believe in your dreams?”
Sometimes when we admire someone and believe in what they have, we start to think that they are obligated to believe in what we have as well. In my opinion this thinking is highly unprofitable. The admiration you give to another is not a debt they have to pay. Whether they end up seeing or not seeing what you see is entirely up to them and they should be free to express that (and they will).
Got that? Good. Now here’s another question:
“What makes you think that they not seeing what you see makes what you have worthless?”
It is true that in some situations they might be spot on but remember that the person you admire is just as human as you are and they don’t see everything. 
So rather than spend your time feeling bitter at the person you admired for not appreciating your “baby”, take time to think their thoughts through. You might find out that your idea would best require a total overhaul or maybe a little adjustment here and there or you might see no issue with what you have and thus no reason to take that person’s opinion to heart.
My point love is for you to remember this:
“Your dreams are just that YOUR dreams. The only person that has to believe in them is YOU
So leave others free to express their opinions. There will be favorable ones and not so favorable ones but remember that the hands that carve your vision into reality and the lips that encourage them to the surface are YOURS.
So those are my thoughts on this, what are yours? Comment below and let us know and as always thank you so so so much for reading. God bless you
I shut up now
Featured image is a quote from my book “From me to You: Timeless Wisdom for your life’s journey” Order it herehere or here 😀

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