Shame be damned

(Reader discretion: What is normally considered “strong language” ahead)

Good afternoon dear reader! 😀

Now something has been on my mind for the past few hours and it is this:

“Do not be ashamed but rather be inspired by the privileges you enjoy”

Sounds odd perhaps? But allow me to explain with a personal account

I am a 31 year old man with a slightly receding hairline (I’m still sexy) who is currently on a year long quests to A) Build his Logo design business (Shameless plug, Wordsmith Designs is awesome contact us 07062259786) and B) Push his debut book into the hearts of many (find said book here and here) While doing so, I have been enjoying tremendous support from family and friends in so many ways and for awhile, that support had me feeling (not a little bit) disturbed. I’d find myself thinking thoughts like:

“Chooo! Look at me, a 31 year old and being supported by his family. What the hell am I doing?” (Shame)

“I’m not really an entrepreneur. Not really. If i was I wouldn’t have (or need) this support and I’d be pushing forward by own strength”(Ego)

“This stuff I’m doing had better succeed faster than the Flash on crack so I can pay back my family for all this” (Obligation)

class evil stare
Yes i reasoned like an ungrateful twat but i got better. So stop staring at me like that

Oh side note, the above is proof positive that someone can be in heaven and still live hell

Change (not he APC kind) came the day I realized that the privileges I was enjoying (they are privileges not entitlements) were not anything to be ashamed of. Love in any and every capacity is never a thing to cringe from or rail at. It is not something to feel obligated to. Rather it is to inspire you to be the best that you can be, to rise to the fullest of your height so you can extend the same love you have received to others as well.

Needless to say, this new line of thinking was massively relieving and it got me wondering just how many people out there feel ashamed of all the privileges they enjoy? I wonder how many people are actively trying to make others feel ashamed because of the privileges they enjoy? “You are not real!”  “You are not street” “Oh you have a good man?! yeah sure! He is probably cheating on you””Oh you have money? You must be a phony”  etc

You know what dear reader?

fuck that

Let me say that again with a little more emphasis

fuck that shit

And just because I can:

fuck that shit 2

You owe no one (including yourself) an apology for the privileges or “advantages” you have in life. For example, if you are an entrepreneur and you are enjoying an amazing support system from friends and family as you take steps towards making your vision a reality,  It is something to be enjoyed, appreciated and inspired by. It something to speak proudly of and not something you bite back in conversations because you want to appear “real”.

Come to think of it, is there ANYONE in this world that hasn’t or isn’t enjoying some support of some kind? Every single “self made success” received some support and help from another. Whether it was the person who believed in their shit, or some friend who was always there with an encouraging word (or kick in the ass) or spouse or girl/boyfriend that wouldn’t let them quit, EVERYONE has received help on their way up (and some on the way down too) and so I ask, where does shame factor into this? Simply because my privileges are not the same as yours doesn’t mean that I bow my head in shame and act like some whipped dog. Nope. I will look around at all the love I am receiving on the way towards my dream. I will be clear in knowing that they are all privileges and not entitlements. I will be clear that these people are loving me not because they HAVE TO but because they WANT TO and I will be grateful and enjoy every bit of it. I will be inspired by their love and I will rise to my fullest and extend the same hands of help to others on their way to their dreams.

I advice you do the same. Shame be damned

So one more time just because I can and I am nuts like that

fuck that shit imma chill

So those are my thoughts dear reader. What are yours? Comment below and let us know and as always thank you for reading and God bless you

I shut up now


4 thoughts on “Shame be damned

  1. When I started my business, my family supported me hard, they still do.
    I remember telling a friend at some point that I’d ask my dad for contacts for new clients, cuz he knows a number of people.
    And she said and I quote
    ‘ Why will you keep depending on your father? Make your own contacts, source out clients on your own, don’t you know people too?’
    ‘Who do I know that will give me the kind of business that makes sense biko? Plus all I have is my father, I know my father, and unlike everyone else out there I know for a fact that if he does something for me he does not expect anything in return, no favours! Nothing!’
    But those words stayed with me for a while, she felt since I was forming entrepreneur I should just basically be walking upandan into different offices to source for clients, instead of asking my father who had great leads. First rule of business maximise your current network. There is no point getting more people in your network if you are not utilizing the ones currently in your network.
    Hope I made a bit of sense?

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    1. You made a ton of sense Meena. Like you said, if you have the support of your family, it only makes sense to use it to the max. Let no one tell you that you are not an entrepreneur because people are out to support and help you


  2. Well, I’m just 23 and privileges piss me off, not because it feels like pity but because the givers always make it feel like i am selling a part of my soul or time or freedom to them, or may be that’s just me being cynical. But i do believe that not being content with priviledge is the key to finding your own path and succeeding. I am currently a writer and VOA at a VAS company and still chasing my dreams of becoming a scriptwriter then movie producer. If i was content with privileges i would be working in my mum’s company, being groomed to take over and looking forward to a fucking miserable ever after. Plus we all have differnent family. my brothers are the only ones i can accept help from and sleep peacefully. if my dad gave me anything i would wonder if he has found a husband for me and is trying to butter me up before the breaking news, if my mother gave me anything i would reject it for fear that… ‘well the woman always has alot up her sleeve’ She has almost succeeded in making me drop my dreams countless times

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    1. I get you Pam and i do realize that there are many who “help” with a motive to control. Still though when you do receive genuine help, my counsel is to appreciate and let it inspire you (which im sure youre doing already) Your dreams will become a reality and your ma will be shocked. Well done and keep going

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