Deeper than Skin and a small ode to fried plantain

Hellooooooo dear reader!!!

Now for a wee bit I have been thinking about Body Positivity. Right now there is a movement going on all around the world where people are largely throwing off misconceptions of how the male/female form “should” look like and are learning to love the way they look.

I think this is utterly fabulous

But as it happens, for some time I have been thinking about the whole movement and i feel that while it is awesome, it is actually quite limited in scope. Here’s my point, the body is more than something to look at. It is also a marvel in biological function. I think  just as it is important to learn to love (or at least accept) how we look, is to learn to appreciate our bodies for the fact that they work. They fucking work

Dear reader perhaps you are at the point where you can’t stand the way you look. Perhaps you really really do not like what you see in the mirror. I ask then that you look deeper. Appreciating your body goes beyond the aesthetics of it.For example:

Perhaps you have a nose which you consider big enough to hide (and house) a terrorist organization or three

big nose
No i CANNOT fucking smell what the Rock is cooking so stop asking or i Kill

Or maybe its so petite that you consider picking it with a tooth pick (ahem) but  your nose works. It actually works. Imagine living without the ability to smell. Think of all the sensory simulations that will be lost as a result. I for one cannot dream of living without ever perceiving the smell of fried plantain (the horror!)

That sweet crispy smell…ooooooooooh!


Or perhaps you have ears that you figure are big enough to get you across the Atlantic if you could only learn how to flap them

big ears 2

But your ears work. They really really really do. Consider for a second how life would be with ears that get people “ooohing”, “ahhing” and wishing but can not pick up the slightest sound. Being unable to hear your loved ones, being unable to appreciate music. Never able to hear Big Bang, Thomas Bergensen, NightWish, Take That give me an eargasm or Lana Del Ray sooth my nerves and most especially, NEVER able to hear the sound of plantain crisping away on the fire (the HORROR!!!)

fried plantain 3
Oh Yes!!!! Turn brown for me baby!! TURN BROWN!!!!!!!


And that’s just scratching the surface. Perhaps you don’t much like your skin (but you CAN feel) or maybe you don’t like how your eyes look, but you CAN see or maybe the size of your tongue freaks you out but you CAN taste, or maybe you don’t like the shape of your legs but you CAN walk and so much more. Your body is more than something that you and others look at. It is a gift through which you perceive this beautiful world. Your face and body might not be on the cover of the glossies and you might never be regarded as sexiest man (or woman) alive but hey your body works. It fucking works.

So dear reader, perhaps you cannot bring yourself (yet) to love your appearance. Then i counsel you to look deeper and appreciate your body for it’s amazing functions. Your body is a marvel of function, purpose and design that allows you full sensory experience of this awesome planet and fried plantain

plantain 1
OH YES!!!!
Ooooooh!! You’re making me moist!
jesus peeping
Aah! Sorry! Lost track there…moving on…

So those are my thoughts dear reader, what are yours? Comment below and let us know and oh yes if you’d like a free pdf copy of new book “From me to You” Timeless Wisdom for your life’s journey” (you can find excerpts here) then please drop your email address in the comments below and i’ll gladly send it 😀

As always, thank you so so much for reading and God bless you

I shut up now


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