Make Space

I’m sorry but I don’t believe in “friends for life”
Nope I subscribe to “Friends for now”
Cause this moment is really all we have and tomorrow is not guaranteed
You are under no obligation to render me love forever
And it is entirely possible that you will wake up one day with a burning desire to see my face no more
Or come to the realization that despite initial thinking, you really don’t feel me
And you know what? That’s okay
You came into my life freely and leave the same way
Will you be missed? Certainly but not forever
Will I hurt? Most definitely but even that will pass
But in the midst of it all, these two things stay firm:
“Your presence (though treasured) neither adds to me nor subtracts from me”
“You deserve to be with someone you want to be with and wants to be with you as so do I”
So i’ll let you go on your way and wave goodbye to your departing face and by so doing make space


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