“I want him but not his seed” words unspoken but real indeed
You cannot have one without the other, so out comes the mask, out comes the deceit, out comes the saccharine sweet
In bright colors you masked your poison and hid your guile; your knife, your ax was wrapped in a smile
All a calculation, a cog in your scheme
A means to an end, a trap well primed to ensnare him
You became everything he wanted and needed, He was convinced that all was what it seemed
A ring he gave you, his bed and his home. His kids he trusted you. A happy family dreamed

If only they had known

The damage you have wrought lies unseen, you can do no wrong in his eyes. You are his treasure. You are his queen
Oblivious as his roses wilt under your thumb; veiled threats and abuse are their daily shower
Their cries and pain are unheard and unfelt, his ears and heart are firmly in your power
Here lies a husk that was once a loving home. Love and light no longer live here
You’ve hollowed it out and laid it to waste; beyond your nose is beyond your care



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