Your erection is your direction?!!

(Please be warned that the content of today’s article will be raw and rather disturbing. So the easily offended should kindly give this a skip)

Dear reader I am weak.

I came across a thread on a Facebook friend’s wall. It was an inbox message sent to her that detailed a shocking story of a man who raped his daughter. Here is a screen grab of the thread:


Now if that isn’t shocking enough, a certain specie piped up and sent the comment section into a rather disturbing spiral. I’ll let you read it for yourself:





To every man reading this, this individual above has made a statement and it is simply this, you are a creature of base instinct and the organ between your ears is merely for show. Wave a little flesh in front of our eyes (your own flesh and blood not exempted) and off we go! As far as he is concerned when the cock says “yes”, we can’t say “no” and thus to starve a man of sex is to turn anything available into a hole for immediate release.

Wow such an apt description of red blooded men! We are such bulls aren’t we?

men laughing
fuck you
Fuck that

Dear reader I am deeply peeved but on reflection I wonder if the above individual’s comments are not the end result of we men not being asked (or made) to take responsibility for our sex drives. By and large whenever an issue of sexual assault or adultery  comes up, we will likely run into someone (some people) who will ask questions like:

“How was she dressing?”

“What was she doing there at that time of the night?”

“Did she seduce him?”

It seems that the responsibility to keep men sane is the woman’s (and in this case girl child’s) and when a man cheats or cruelly assaults another, he is often given a pass

“That is how men are.

“They think with their penises”

“They are babies”

“You just have to manage them”

I bet your penis is the source of all Earth’s oxygen isn’t it?

To the above thoughts (and directly above image) I have only two words: Screw that! (No pun intended)

I am a man. I am made in the image and likeness of God, with the capacity to think and feel. I am not perfect by any means but I take responsibility for my imperfections and will not place my sanity on the shoulders of a woman. This is my body. I rule it, it does not rule me.

Dear man, your body is YOUR body. Any sexual assault committed by a man is THE man’s choice and THE man’s fault. ALONE. What the woman was wearing, where she was, what time she was, how many days it has been since your last orgasm DO. NOT. FACTOR. HERE. It is your choice to do with your body what you do with it. The power is yours. We choose what we decide to be influenced by. We choose it and if you didn’t know that before, now you know.
Men, we are not some brainless dolt that needs to be managed. We are more than rush of blood to your penis head.Let us start living to our fullest selves.

Here is a little ditty I wrote a year ago that relates to this subject:

“My skirt has nothing to do with you
My body,in whatever display, is not a primal call to you
My skin is my business and none of yours
I will not be a casualty of your inner wars
I do not “ask” to be assaulted. It isn’t my call to keep you sane
I do not “ask” to be molested. There is a reason you have a brain
So no matter what you’ve been told or how you see it
My body is MY OWN CONCERN. MINE. So own your shit”


So those are my thoughts. What are yours? Kindly comment below and let us know. I shut up now.




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