A few thoughts on Physical Attractiveness

Good afternoon dear reader!!

Now be a darling and repeat after me:

“I am beautiful and being beautiful does not mean that everyone will be attracted to me”

Do you find the above statement (especially the latter part) odd? Well allow me to explain.

You see dear reader these past few months I’ve been having a major rethink on a few issues and one of them is on “attractiveness” and I have come to see and accept that just as you (and I) will meet some people who will see us as Ice cream on two legs, (those who live in at-the-moment-scalding Nigeria will get this reference) there are others who will see you as the walking talking embodiment of Mercury Elemental Hafnium ( R.I.P Chemistry) in other words:


And you know what? That’s perfectly okay 🙂

You see dear reader, your looks, your voice, your personality cannot (and will not) resonate with everyone. Your very presence while leaving some smiling and frothing like preteen girls post-Justin Bieber meets One Direction Concert will leave others as frigid as Hilary Clinton post-Monica Lewinsky saga (ahem) Fact is, there is no universal standard for physical attraction. I remember the time I used to think that being an attractive man was all about the Ryan Gosling body and aaaaaaaaaabs

ryan gosling
This scene sent a thousand men to the gym while the ladies (and some of the guys as well) reached for Kleenex  and fresh underwear…ahem…

This changed when I encountered a couple of ladies who didn’t think much of the “cut” look and were more into:

chubby man
Hey Girl! Wanna ride this teddy bear?

“Heh! Those girls are plain stuuuuuupid!” you probably thought. NOPE. Those girls are just being themselves and liking what they like. An attitude I personally recommend to you.

I am of the opinion now that it is unwise to place your sense of personal attractiveness and beauty in the hands of others. To do so will be to condemn to a  painful cycle of self love and self loathing and constantly never being comfortable because you are not certain how the next person feels about you.I do not recommend this. Some people are stoic enough to handle the tension of this cycle (unhealthy as it is) but for some others:

Okay. I am exaggerating here ( a wee bit) but you get the point

Do yourself a favor dear reader and learn to love and relish how YOU look. Learn to appreciate your body and all that it is to be YOU. In my opinion what matters in your life is not how others see you but how YOU see yourself. Yes it is true that there are people we meet who we would love for them to find us attractive and desirable. That’s a fact. Heck if I had my way, a certain luscious beauty would be calling me at 2 AM just to hear my voice, would be constantly sending text messages, composing odes of just how sexy my glasses are and plotting daily how she is going to chuck me over her shoulder, take me to her home and (bleep) me all over her (bleep) house while her (bleep) cat watches.

Can you blame me?

The question is though: “What if they don’t?”

What if those we find yummy do not find us edible as well?

In my opinion darling it changes nothing. You remain a fantastic work of art whether your desirable person sees it or not. You deserve to be with people who want you as you want them. So like the boss (or bossette) that you are, adjust your crown, move on and keep on shining. Do not let someone not seeing your light be the basis of any kind of self rejection. You darling are always “IN”.

Inspired thought 11
Listen to the Wordsmith.

So those are my thoughts dear reader? What are yours? Kindly comment below and let us know. As always, thank you for reading and God bless you.

I shut up now


(All images are courtesy Google Images. So please do not sue me)




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