4 things you will learn living in Naija

Good afternoon dear reader! 😀

Yes I know it has been awhile. I do apologize. I have been busy with my Logo making private biz (shameless plug, check it out here) and have not had much time to write. I’m so sorry 😦  I’ll do better in future. I have missed you 😀

forgive me
I really do have eyes like this (and whiskers too after a few days of not shaving)

So last night while I was in bed sweating my glands out (a severe dip in power supply and an abominable heat wave will do that to you) I found myself thinking about all the things living in Nigeria (or Naija as we affectionately call it) will teach a person. Four things came to mind and without further ado they are:

1. Living in Naija will teach you to find the pleasure in pain: We Nigerians are experts in finding the proverbial pleasure needle in a  thorny haystack. The pressure we live under is enough to drive someone to douse himself in gasoline, strike a match and run around singing “CANT FEEL MY FACE” at the top his lungs but still not only do we survive under this pressure, we actually thrive. Now I know this is not always a good thing though but still I cannot help but admire the tenacity of the typical Nigerian citizen to make do and carve out some good in a whole lot of twisted. For example:  On our way to work and stuck in traffic so bad that snails are giving you the Sonic the Hedgehog eye? No problem! Turn on the radio and catch up with our fave shows and tweet the (bleep) out of the situation. Back home from work/school after a long hot day and there is no electricity and no fuel for the generator? No problem! Eat, drink, take a nice cold bath and go to bed thankful that we have a home at all and tweet the (bleep) out of the situation! No matter the challenge, we will find a way. This is madness you say?! Nope


2. Living in Naija will teach you to appreciate the small things: Ah Life in Naija can be mighty mighty slow. Progress is often times at less than snail’s pace. So much so that you either lose your mind and start learning how to karaoke “The Weekend” while your pants melt away or you learn to appreciate every single baby step in the right direction.

funny baby
Even if said baby is more spastic than most…(ahem)

3. Living in Naija will teach you to be self sufficient: “Ask not what your government can do for you” says the motivational speaker. Well we Nigerians usually do not ask because every individual is their OWN local government. Due to a very poor state of governance and industry, the typical Nigerian is in charge of providing his/her own electricity (mostly), water (though this is getting better), transportation and motivation. Now again I am aware aware that this is in no way the ideal situation (Leadership have responsibilities to fulfill after all) but I really admire the tenacity of the we Nigerians to work things out for themselves. It is a most admirable trait and makes me wonder just WHO was handling the box labeled “Resilience” when God was making us

jesus and child
And that kids is why Angel Michael should never be allowed to help out in the creation room.

4. Living in Naija will teach you to laugh: Oooohdeladi!! (That’s an old expression from the Robin hood Disney Cartoon of yesteryears by the way. Tch my pop culture references have wrinkles and false teeth)  Do we Nigerians know how to laugh or what?! To be born in Naija is to be immersed in a sea of pure comic material. If you are an aspiring Comedian, you’ll never run dry of skits and jokes observing Nigerians and our “Nigerianisms”. From a perpetually fibbing Minister of Information and Communication (aptly named by his parents) to the Naira that has been in full on Valentine mode all year (keeps falling for the dollar) to the every day kookiness of our public transport and so much more, life in Naija is a laugh a minute spectacle from the right perspective. Ever wondered why we were once called the “happiest people on earth”? Oh did i mention we have a fibbing information minister? I tell you he be like:

lai mohammed
They see me fibbing! They come swinging! What DO they expect?! My name is Lie Mohammed! Sorry I mean Lai Mohammed!!     Sorry I mean Lai Mohammed!!!       Sorry I mean Lai Mohammed!!!    Sorry I mean Lai Mohammed!!!


Well dear reader those are just four things you will learn living in Nigeria. We are in no way a perfect nation and I am aware that the above is not reflective of every one of us but generally we are a creative, tenacious and determined lot and we are here to stay. So no matter the obstacles we choose to survive, learn, grow and thrive. It’s either that or…

nuff said

So did i miss anything? To all my Naija people, what lessons have you learned living in Naija. Comment below, and let us know.

God bless you. I shut up now

(All featured images are courtesy Google Images. So don’t sue me please)

5 thoughts on “4 things you will learn living in Naija

  1. Lovely post! Yes, the resilient part is very very glaring: I also believe the “being our own LGAs” is one of the reasons we are still “here”…We love to have fun though, there’s no postponing of TGIF things😁 Through the traffic or the lean pockets, life as to go on – with some fun stops.


  2. Yeeiiiy!!!😊 I’m always glad when I read on here. Thanks Boss D

    A typical Nigerian Mama will always blame “the lack of doing something” for her child’s complains. For instance; “mom I forgot to brush today…” NAIJA MAMA can go, “when you won’t eat food, how won’t you forget” or, “when you won’t read your book, how won’t you forget”

    In Naija, we always see the funny in every thing, serious or not.


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