My little progress

Dear reader I have a wee bit of a confession to make

I have (for as long as I remember) always had an (ahem) aversion to little kids (especially babies). Now whether it is fear or something else, every time I am amongst people who are all cooing and awwing over a little baby, all I can imagine is clumsy me carrying him/her and this being the conclusion:

Umm…how much for a replacement?

A few months ago, I became an uncle. My sister gave birth to a bouncing (oooh if only they DID bounce my worries would be over) baby boy called Shindara (I call him Shin don’t ask why) and my entire family has been on cloud nine ever since (haven’t seen my ma laugh so much since she first watched Problem Child 2). As always I kept my distance, occasionally drawing close to rub his chubby cheeks with my little finger before quickly retreating. This was my pattern and I stuck to it.

Until yesterday…

What happened yesterday you ask? Well through some events I will not go into I ended up on quasi-baby sitting duty.  It pretty much just involved me holding him for a few hours till my ma got back from her outing. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal but you see Shin has a little quirk. While you carry him, he insists (nay DEMANDS) that you be in motion while you do it and if you don’t, he WILL vent his displeasure.

As you can imagine I was nervous as hell. Even though I didn’t show it on my face, In my head was like:

shock 3
Insert appropriate Expletive here

And Shin was looking at me like:

baby stare
Do I know you ni**a?

Well so I took a breath and began. Carrying him and pacing the length of our flat while wondering why the clock picked today of all days to set itself on slo-mo but as time went on I found myself getting calmer and to Shin’s credit he gave me little trouble. No crying, no yelling. Just a lot of staring:

baby staring 2
If you drop me, ill remember, ill grow teeth (soon), ill find you and ill bite you

As I said i’d gotten into a pretty good flow and I was feeling right proud of myself

Perve smile 3
My name is Poppins. MISTER Poppins

Perhaps sensing the sudden swell of my head and wanting to take me down a peg or two, Shin decided to “share with me” what he had for breakfast that morning. And he shared it well…

man in milk
Shin, this is a part of my sister I DID NOT WANT TO EXPERIENCE!!!

But thankfully my ma showed up and relieved me of my duty and I was left sticky from puke, sore in right arm but no worse for the wear 🙂

Now I am by no means over my aversion to kids and babies but I think that this is a step (very very very small step) in the right direction. So I leave you with this dear reader, that thing you are scared of, that thing that leaves you with knots in your throat and a squeal in your tummy, consider taking little steps to overcoming that fear. Believe it or not, a lot of the things you fear will NEVER happen. So why not go for it? You’ll be the better for it.

Have a good good week 😀


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