A word for those who almost had it

Good Afternoon Dear reader 😀

I am a big big big big BIG fan of come backs. Those moments where unbelievable victory is snatched from the drooling jaws of defeat. From Daigo’s amazing win at a Video game tournament (see it here) to Sergio Aguero’s last minute goal to win Manchester City the trophy (relive the moment here) these epic moments are the stuff of legend and high fantasy. The thing is though that on the other side of the rapturous celebration and applause lies the aching hearts of those who almost had it. Those who went from tasting victory to gagging on defeat in mere seconds. Those who could feel the stars on their finger tips but could reach no further. They are the ones who almost had it and they are the ones I write to today.

The above is one of the most heart breaking things that can happen to any person. Perhaps you have experienced this? Perhaps you put in so much effort towards a particular goal and were on the edge of achieving it but due to one reasons or another, it didn’t work out? Maybe you saw a desired opportunity not materialize despite the efforts you put in and now disappointment haunts your every day?

Whatever shape or form it has taken, please know dear reader that It is not the end. You are still here and as long as you are still here, you can still move forward. The question of course is: HOW? How does one move forward from such disappointment? How do you take that step when your heart is in pieces. I do not claim to be an expert but I offer my counsel still. Here are three ways:

1) Forgive yourself: Darling I do not know why what you desired did not transpire. Perhaps it was due to a moment of carelessness or maybe it was out of your control but please know that a single event does not define you. Win or Lose, you still remain you. You are still strong, still whole and still very capable of moving forward. Grieve for as long as you need but forgive and give yourself permission to breathe again.

Shannon speaks truth 🙂

2) Do not despise your efforts: How easy it is to scorn all the hard work we put in simply because the intended goal was not achieved. All the steps taken and sacrifices made were not for nothing. You might not have achieved the goal you had in mind but you became a better person. The You today is a superior version of the one of yesterday. Take stock of all the effort you put in and appreciate every step.

Who will
Who will indeed?

3) Learn from this: Defeat can cloud our eyes with despair or it can open them to growth. Let the latter be your story. Think on things, ask questions, pursue the lessons and come out on the other side a much better person.

If not, then its time to swap definitions


Dear reader, I have heard it said that this world is not for those who almost did it and I call that bullshit. You took that step, you went for what you wanted and even though it did not work out, you aspired. As far as I am concerned you are a thing of pride and someone worthy of emulation. So keep going and do not stop and who know’s soon we might be celebrating your own come back? 🙂

Bless you

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