See through the b.s. this new year!

Happy New Year everyone! 😀

Hope your Christmas and New Year Celebrations made sense? (I know mine did 😀 ) I wish you all a great month and an even better year. May you enjoy progress as you work towards your goals and may you prevail over every challenge.

This morning after my oil pulling routine, my mind drifted back to a quote I made some months ago:

Amazing what comes to mind when you are naked in the shower 😀

This being a new year, I hope we all make better decisions on what we spend our money on and one of the ways to get there I believe is to see through the illusions that are often the main reasons for a lot of the purchases we make.

As the above quote says, simply because something is the “latest” does not make it “the best” and by the best I mean, the best for YOU. That phone you are drooling over might not actually be worth spending an arm, leg. testicles and ovaries to buy. Why do I say so? Have you ever sat down to ask yourself what exactly you need your phone to do? I have seen people who have some of the most expensive smartphones available and ALL they use them for is to make calls, text, chat and listen to music. They are probably using less than 5 percent of the phone’s potential.

I believe we need to ask ourselves questions such as:

Why do I want to buy this particular thing?

What tangible benefit will this thing bring to me?

What exactly do I need this thing to do?

If we asked ourselves these questions, I believe we would realize that there are lots of cheaper (and more effective)  alternatives to what we originally had in mind and in some cases even realize that there is no need for any spending at all.

I believe that in this new year, It is needful for us to separate true value from the illusion of it. A a lot of advertisements are based on giving products (and services) an illusion of value. You are told (plainly and most times subtly) that by acquiring this “product” you will become “someone”. That you will “belong”. That you will become “desirable” and so on. I remember a story I read in the newspaper about a man who started smoking because he thought by doing so he could be as cool as the cowboy in jeans featured in the cigarette ad.

cowboy 2
One Pack a day and you can be as cool n sexy as me!

Look darling, there is nothing on the outside that can make (or unmake) you. The problem is that we believe that we are lacking. We believe that we are broken and of little value and in this state we are offered all kinds of things that will supposedly “fix” and fill up all the “gaps” within us. It is the ultimate scam, we are being sold (at a high price) what has always been ours!

Psssst!! With this sh*t right here you can finally become a REAL HUMAN BEING! and it’ll only cost ya a liver and two kidneys.


Dear reader you are whole. You are complete. Nothing on the outside gives you value or worth. All worth lies within. In this new year I pray that you discover that worth and that from there you will begin to make informed decisions on spending. That you will pay money for true value and purchase what will actually be of benefit to you.

In this new year may you see through the bullshit…



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