And the bullshit plays on…


Yeah I’m talking to you, you piece of shit

You are ugly, worthless and are lucky to have any place in this world

Oh you think i’m exaggerating? Well now let’s have a look at the evidence then shall we?

Look at you. If you were beautiful don’t you think he’d have stayed? Don’t you think she’d want you? Don’t you think they’d have you be with them? Hm? Would you have spent all those years in school being bullied? Would they have said all those things to you? Yeah you remember those comments don’t you? No matter how much you try to forget you will always be “fatty”, “retard”, “idiot”, “waste of space” and so much more. When they were handing out beauty, you obviously weren’t paying attention…


If you had any worth, don’t you think you’d be married by now? All your mates bear “Mrs” while you jump after the bloody bouquet at every wedding (you’ve never been able to catch it once ). If you had any worth, don’t you think you’d be employed by now? Your colleagues at school are working, getting paid and making bank. Look even your junior has bought a car and gotten his own apartment. You on the other hand still browse job sites and apply everywhere hoping for an opening. You’re in your late 20’s and 30’s and you STILL live with your folks. Pathetic. Who’d want you? You’re everything they mock and laugh it and they are right.

You think you’re a good person?  Oho? Do good people say the things you say or do the things you have done? You friend are a failure and you will only keep failing (just like your daddy)

You speak of having dreams? Silly rabbit, fulfilled dreams are not for the likes of you. If your dreams had a prayer of coming to pass don’t you think things would have started working out by now?  But look your life is empty! You have nothing because you ARE nothing. And yet you talk about fulfilled dreams? pffft! please! whatever you see you take! Even if he/she mistreats you, stay! You want to leave? where will you go? Don’t you even think you are lucky that someone bothers to give your worthless self the time of day? He/she allows you to be around them so what’s a little “rough play”?  Do you want to go back to being alone again? You’d better hold fast to him. Do NOT let her go.

Sigh… If only “he” wasn’t around, if only “she” didn’t exist, maybe you’d finally be seen.  Maybe you wouldn’t be such a piece of shit


And the bullshit plays on…

(If any of the above sounds familiar, then it is time to pay attention and change your self talk)




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