You will Heal

Hurt, Injuries, Breaks, Pain.

Every single one of us has experienced (or is experiencing) some form of pain. Be it physical or emotional or even both. Be it from some ailment, word(s) spoken or past trauma, we all suffer pain in some measure. The agony can be so much that we might find ourselves wondering if we will ever see an end to it. If we will ever walk again without a limp. If we will ever be whole again.

Dear reader whatever pain you might be experiencing and in whatever form, is not your permanent state. I believe that You are a being of wholeness made for wholeness. Brokenness and pain are not your default states. I believe that you will know serenity in your body and mind and that all the pain will one day seem like a bad dream

Why do I say so?

I look at the human body and I marvel at its capacity to heal. A cut clots over and within a period of time, tissue and skin is restored and it no longer hurts. I witness this and marvel

I look at the advancements in science. The push via technology and medicine to restore wholeness to all that are experiencing some form of physical and or mental dysfunction. I see people 3D printing prosthetic limbs, creating aids that restore sight and hearing, discovering more and more about the human mind and thus rendering more effective therapy to those hurting. I look and I marvel.

I look at the scriptures (the bible in this case) and I see a God who came to show man his wholeness. A God who wherever He went restored bodies and minds. I see and I marvel

I look on the outside and read the stories. I read about the South African woman who having lost her husband and son to a police officer, not only forgave the man but befriended him as well. I read about the men who beat cancer, listen to the women who overcome domestic abuse and  business failure, those who overcome heartbreak, bullying and self harm.  I read and I marvel.

I look within and I see the 18 year old boy who watched his father leave his wife and four kids homeless and penniless. The 18 year old boy who at points couldn’t talk about his father without being overwhelmed with tears. I see how far he has come and how he hopes to one day reconnect with his father that he might take care of him in his old age. I look and I marvel

I see all these things and despite the pain I choose to believe that You will heal. This pain is not your last. You will see the end of it and you will come through stronger, wiser. A better you.

You that has experienced a sudden calamity or undergoing a series of distressing events; take heart. This is not the end. You will get through this. You will heal

You that is on the path of healing but the pain still lingers, flaring up suddenly and making you doubt if you will ever truly be whole again. Do not lose heart. You are a made for wholeness and this you will know. As surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, you will make it to the other side.

You will heal

You will fly again




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