Good morning dear reader! 😀

It’s been a bit of an emotional and traumatic week both world wide (Pray for Paris, Pray for Nigeria, Pray for Mali, Pray for the world) and personally (go here to see one of my personal reasons). It’s been very gloomy all around and quite difficult coping but last night I had a thought and I decided to focus my energy on gratitude and thanksgiving. Despite everything that’s happening (and those that are not) there are so many things to think and smile at.  I’m going to be doing this privately till the month ends but i decided today to share with you some of the things that I am grateful for (hopefully it inspires you to look within and have a ball). So without further ado, these are #afewthingsiamthankfulfor 😀

1) I am thankful for friends now. This year I had a number of valued friendships come to an end. It hurt like hell but I came to realize and embrace the uncertainty about friendships future and i’m learning to appreciate the friends that are here and now. To all my friends now I am thankful for each and everyone of you. I pray that you all daily discover just how fabulous you are fundamentally and how every inch of you is loved. I pray also that all your dreams be made flesh


2) I am thankful for the tenacity of the human spirit. This year i’ve witnessed people (near and far) encounter severe difficulties and yet push through each one. This might seem like an odd thing to be thankful for but you guys have no idea how much you have inspired me to keep on moving forward and to not stop reaching for my dreams. You really are a living epistle to me of guts, determination and victory. Thank you and please:


3) I am thankful for my progress as a writer. I’ve been out of work for the past 6 months (Had to resign due to non payment of salaries) and while applying for work elsewhere I was not only able finish writing my first book (it is being put together as you read), I also started this blog and 100 plus posts later, here we are 🙂 It has been amazing sharing my thoughts with you and I do hope I have been able to encourage and or inspire you in one way or another. Ooooh! also frequent writing has led to me developing a sudden interest in graphic design (who would have thought i’d find myself turned on by fonts!) Here is a “collage” of my work (still a beginner though but I am getting better)


4) I am thankful for all the beneficial shifts in thinking I have had this year. I am of the opinion that a lot of our suffering (and the end of it) lies between our ears. I personally have found freedom through several changes in thought (a lot of which I have shared on this blog). If I was to summarize the shifts in thought I have had this year, they would be:

6 things

4) I am thankful for my Abba and His amazing gospel. I believe in the person and deity of Jesus (though i do not subscribe to a lot of mainstream teachings about Him). The ever present love of the Divine that never ceases and laid down life for the worst expression of man, turning what was  an utter tragedy into the salvation of all mankind is a tireless source of peace, encouragement and joy to me. For more on this I recommend checking out these amazing websites here and here.

5) I am thankful for my hobbies. I am an ardent lover of music, anime and cape movies. Ah! this year has been an amazing one of discovering new bands and new sounds. From K-pop (Big Bang) to Symphonic Metal (NightWish) to Britpop (Take That), Epic Instrumentals (James Paget, John Dreamer and Thomas Bergensen) and more. My ears have been awash in liquid gold. Dear reader I encourage you to fill your life with the music you resonate to. There is so so so much inspiration, creativity waiting to be birthed when you sink deep into sounds. And ooh 2016 is looking to be a great year for comic book fans (it has been a GOOD decade to be one). In anticipation of all the big screen goodies coming up next year, I just be like:

please feed

6) Finally I am thankful for good health (haven’t fallen ill all year), family (I have a new brother-in-law and I am now an uncle :D) and oh yes all the semi-famous and soon to be famous people I know 🙂 To mention a few:

Astia Asseh (Martial Artist, Fitness expert, Dancer, and Proud mum…check out her professional page here)

Ryan James Rhoades (Creative Director of Reformation Designs, Writer, Graphic Designer, Spoken Word Poet, Business man, Loving husband and a sun of passion and integrity. Check out his amazing site here)

Dapo Simon Ajeniya (C.E.O. Green36concerts, ThomasandWright boss Proud dad, happy husband)

Precious Ogbuenyi ( Writer and sweetness carved into human form. Please check out her blog here)

Ituah Omofuma Charles (Graphic artist, Designer and Motivational Speaker)

Adaeze Amalu ( CEO of her own fashion house, Gorgeous Model and Video Princess, Adorable Sweetheart. You can read her occasional write-up here)

Mayowa Owolabi (Speaker, Happy Husband and Father and Beat Maker Extraordinaire! Oga don’t worry Dr Dre will soon come calling!)

Farrah Khan (Lecturer, Writer and Farmer…only you?!)

Bennie Anyanwu (The beautiful mind behind Bennie Bijoux, dancer and writer)

Chukwuba Chiluba Madonna (Madam that your blog must happen!!)

Kosi Ugwuede (Writer, Writer, Burning bright. Check out her amazing blog here. She does Makeup too btw)

Oluwaseyi Alade  (Creative director at Hobby hub-Art, designs, Crafts. She is creativity on 2 legs. Please check out her professional facebook page here here)

Ijeoma Okolie ( Curvy Goddess, Wordsmith and the brains behind Coli’s Couture)

Victoria Veejay Stunner (Super Model, Voice actress, Video Vixen, Hot chocolate, Loveliness in a skirt. All the best with the new semester babe 😉 )

Lisa Wanjiku (Special needs teacher and all round delight)

Tam Godwin (Creator of Vabmart. Do check it out here)

Princess Smart (Make up artist. She WILL make your face sing! Check out her BBM Channel here C0040D6C0)

Ighodalo Odianume (Designer, Graphic Artist and single fine boy. Ladies his fb page is here)

Anita Embelakpo Oki (Attorney at Law, beautiful person, delightful otaku, amazing singer and I will NOT be sharing her digits…hmph!)

Faith Onosetale (Writer, amazing woman and currently on her youth service. Please wish her the best!)

Erhu Amreyan (Fantasy Romance Novelist and awesome lady)

All the aspiring comic book artists I know (Obaika Asein, Yusuff Aina Abogunde, Uchay Franklin, Festus Adibe, Arclight D. Pharaoh… it is awesomeness that will kill the six of you i swear!)

And many more. Do be sure to mark all the above names. You’ll be hearing from them much much more in time 😀 (Y’all berra remember me when you enter your kingdoms or else! Its not a threat o!)

And of course, I am thankful for you dear reader. Thank you for reading and/or following this blog. Thank you for reading my stuff. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 🙂

So dear reader those are  a few things I am thankful for. What about you?

smile evil



  1. @preciousogbuenyi, I tell you!!!!
    Amazing write up…you have a long list of a support circle; that’s a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful for health, life, friends and especially family. It’s been one long year but God has got our backs all through the storm. And I’m really really thankful for that.


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