A Girl You Once Knew

There was a girl you once knew

Your first connection was on Facebook and over BBM your friendship only grew

It was a relationship of affection, humor and tireless communication (if you didn’t message her, she’d message you)

Everything was discussed. From the sublime (Abba. favorite anime and food) to the dark (Family secrets, past traumas, present struggles) Nothing was too silly. Nothing was taboo

Together you walked and worked through each day in every shade and hue. Bright red to gloomy blue

She was gorgeous (still is) and you never refrained from telling her too

She appreciated it and often remarked on your special place in her heart, how good you made her feel and how fond she was of you

Her messages in your inbox always set your day alight, turning your lips upright. Oh she was special to you

A year went by and you guys were still tight. You got news that she was relocating to your city due to work. Oh my! the future was so bright

But then all of a sudden, everything changed for reasons still unknown to you

Communication became a one way street, a gulf had seemingly developed overnight between you two

And when you reached out, pointing out the changes and asked what was wrong, you got no answer even when she answered. You were left without a clue

What was once a dance had become a sombre solo starring Miserable You

You were hurt but didn’t react in anger (for you reasoned that she was under no obligation to be with you)

So you decided to give her some space and you let her know how you felt. Her response? A blunt dismissal and barb to “Do whatever feels right to you”

(My oh my how things had changed. My condolences to you)

After that maybe you’d get a message a fortnight and it never exceeded a stilted “how are you doing?” and “how are you?”

You remained reachable cause you hoped things would go back to what they once were but as time passed, hope withered away and the fact dawned on you

You were the only person on this sinking ship. She was long gone and all that was left was you

And thus you sadly put away all communication and ended all contact. What was once two is now only you

Why did she act that way? Does she even know you are gone? Will she ever know how much you much she hurt you?

Will she one day pick up the phone and with a passionate “hello”  and ask to meet you? Or will there always be silence between you two?

Who knows? But that isn’t the reason for this recall. These questions are not the issue.

What IS the issue is that you never doubt your worth no matter how badly others treat you

Never feel unloved or unlovable for no matter what changes, you remain loved, valuable and worthy. You remain you.

Love you



3 thoughts on “A Girl You Once Knew

  1. Awn, she really did hurt you!.
    Oblivious of this, shes probably distracted by someone, she doesn’t remember you.

    A time will come, a time of “if I had known”
    From her of course, not from you!

    Know this love, you are a rare gem.
    Different, unique, theres no two of you!

    Gosh I feel so poetic, see how my words rhyme
    *shines teeth* LOL okay il stop now.😆

    Liked by 1 person

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