Relish You!

Hey you

Yeah you browsing Instagram, Facebook and every social media account known to man

Yeah you that’s taking in all the “perfect” pictures, glowing updates and feeling utterly wretched, unloved and worthless

Might I interject? (Even if you say No, i still will)

There is nothing wrong with you or your life. You. Are. Glorious. (Try saying that to yourself every morning for a month. I dare you)

Right now while others (as far as you can tell) are “achieving”, “progressing”, “moving forward” your life seems stuck in limbo and colored monochrome and set to the tune of despair but darling, it ain’t so?

It is true that circumstances might be downright rough (maybe even nasty) right now but how things look on the outside at this very moment don’t define you, You define them. You are Life, You are Glorious, You are immense beauty. Darling color has never been missing from You.

The presence or absence of “results” do not make you YOU. You have been YOU before these results were first imagined and you remain YOU afterwards.

So how about a lil counsel?  Here it is if you choose to accept it

Relish all that is You. In the presence of all these “contradictions”, crack open your lips and be thankful for all that you are you. Speak honeyed words to yourself. You are not lacking. There are no gaps in you.  You are magnificent. You have all that it takes. You are growing, learning, maturing and progressing.

You are fabulous 😀

Bless you


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