Hello dear reader 🙂

I want to take the time to encourage some people this evening. This will be a somewhat short post so here we go:

To you that is working on your passion and finding the going tough as nails I say this “Good job thus far and please keep going. You have taken a step that will not fail you. Your gift, your expression is golden and you will see your dreams come to fruition”

dont give up

To you that has suffered some setbacks (some more severe than others) i say this: “What you are experiencing is not the end. You will learn and bounce back even stronger. You will push through and claim the sun”

set back

To you that is mourning the end of a relationship I say this: “I’m sorry that things didn’t work out but please know that you are loved and cherished. You will learn from this and you will move on to much much better”

far far better

To you guys that have seen your hard work pay off I say this: “Congratulations. You deserve this. So relish every moment. Drink it in. You will need it as reference for your next goal”


To you that has found support, help and encouragement from others I say this: “Please appreciate them. Call, text, email. Let them know that what they have done and how much it has helped you. There are so many unacknowledged heroes around us. Please don’t add to the pile.”

being there for me

Rock on


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