Dear brother I see you. I see you on the chase.

I see you as you move from one relationship to another. I see you as you hustle and labor. I see you as you serenade several women declaring to each one your willingness to “settle down”. I see you as you revel in the “thrill of the hunt” and bask in your “hustle”. I see you as you huddle in the dark and sometimes weep wondering why no one wants you. I see you weary and jaded.

I see that you long for something that you can’t quite articulate and your days are spent searching

I see that you crave

Brother I do not write this as someone who is ignorant of your pain. I know what it is to crave. I know it very well. I know the pain, the restlessness and the suffering it causes. Suffering which sometimes spills out and causes harm to all in the vicinity. I know it well and I want you to know that life need not be this way. I believe that what we crave for is unconditional love. We long to be accepted utterly, loved with no reservation and cherished absolutely but we have been taught (and we have believed) that such love is absent and lies elsewhere, somewhere. So we search. Seeking it out in the things we find attractive and pleasurable. We search for it in the accolades of others, we search for it in the affection, attention and body of that woman. We search for it in games and activities and come up short every time.

We yet crave.

craves 2

Brother I do not believe that this is our lot, that our days are to be spent longing, aching, pining. I believe that you and I were made for utter satisfaction.

Brother I counsel you as one who has craved and I offer you now what has helped me. So this is my counsel (if you choose to accept it) Look no more for Love on the outside. What you seek is within. Right now within you brother is all the love that you have every sought after in people, places and things. The end to my craving began the day I realized this (and I have been continuing in this ever since). Unconditional love has never been absent from you (and it never will). You have sought for it all over but now lay down your search and look within. Love has always been on the inside. Not hidden, just ignored. Realize today that despite all your experiences, there is no hole in you (and there never will be). The craving you (and I) have felt is a phantom itch. You brother are absolutely loved, cherished and appreciated right now, right here.

Awaken and be satisfied brother.

You are loved and worth loving.

Bless you

(Featured images are courtesy google images)

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