Dear reader are you following your heartbeat?

Are you working towards your dreams?

Are you engaging in those things you enjoy doing? those things you feel born to do?

Are you letting your gifts breathe?

If so then I here is my counsel (if you choose to accept it)

Don’t stop

Keep going

Keep speaking

Keep writing

Keep working

Keep dreaming

Keep right on believing


I know it can be hard sometimes (maybe even most times). I know that your efforts might feel lost to the wind.  No one seems to be paying any attention, nothing seems to be working, no one seems to be listening

But it isn’t true. Your audience is not separate from you. Your expressions are gold and sheer value. What you have (what you are) has a vital irreplaceable place in this world.

So don’t stop.


move forward

What you are doing is birthing love. Whenever you speak, write, create and engage in your dream, you are creating love. Love never fails. Love will not leave you empty. Love will take you, sustain you and fulfill you.

So don’t stop


You are here to live and not just “exist”. You are here to do more than “pay bills”. You are here for more than your parents, family’s and society’s expectations. You are here to be ALL that you are. You are here to be the best of YOU.

So don’t stop


The world aches for your touch

Express yourself. Let your heart dance. Keep up the good work. Let your voice be heard. Go on. Yes mistakes will be made, Yes there will be twists and turns, Yes there will be times of reflection.

But do not stop


keep going

Your dreams are valid and they will be made flesh

So go on love


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