Dear reader for as long as I can remember I have found Menstruation to be a thoroughly disgusting thing .

Now to be honest I really can’t remember when (or where) I picked up such an idea but I do remember that it seemed a lot of other men held the same belief and this was reflected in the media too. You’ve probably seen the vine video when the girlfriend announces to her bf that she’s on her period and the next scene is the guy jetting off in his car. A scene from an old movie “Josie and the Pussy Cats”  (Though a box office bomb, I thoroughly loved it) also comes to mind. The Pussy Cats had just received their first ever record deal offer and in excitement all 3 girls ran into the ladies to discuss and they were followed their manager Alexander. The following dialogue ensued:

Josie: “Hey this is the ladies room you can’t be in here?” 

Alexander: “Hey I’m your manager and besides there’s nothing I haven’t seen before!”

Valerie: “Does anyone have change for a tampon?”

Alexander: “I’ll wait outside”

Anyhoo, I had carried this mindset for most of my life until last week Saturday. I was at the cinemas waiting for a friend to turn up and I was going through my Facebook feed when i spotted this:


As you can imagine the reactions ran the gamut of “EWWWWW!!!” to “KILL IT WITH FAYA!!!” (okay the latter was me actually) but then an inner conversation started:

If you saw a lady bleeding from her shoulder and it was causing some measure of discomfort would you find it disgusting?

Me: Nope I wouldn’t.

Wouldn’t you try to help out if you could?

Me: Yes I would

So tell me what is the difference between blood from the shoulder and blood from the vagina? Is it not the same blood from the same person?

Me: Erm…

Me: Erm…but that’s where Penises go

And so? First of, does the penis have to go in there when she is bleeding? and secondly what does this have to do with sex? She is bleeding and perhaps going through some discomfort and you’re making it about how it turns you off

Me: But they get cranky during their periods…

So do you when the power is out (this is a Nigerian thing by the way. We tend to have electricity outages) amongst other things

This inner conversation got me thinking and I began to realize how I had held unto a particular view  and never questioned it. It makes me wonder just how many unquestioned beliefs and convictions we carry within us about things. I am of the opinion that if we gave a critical look at some things we believe to be “distasteful”, “disgusting”, “irritating” a lot of them would cease to be so and the way we treat people would improve too.

So here’s my counsel (if you choose to accept it) Do not be afraid to un-learn things. Do not be afraid to examine views and beliefs you have held for years. If such views are solid, they will stand and if they are not, they are best discarded. This is a world of ever evolving thought and better ways of seeing things. Don’t be left behind.

So those are my thoughts 🙂 And to every lady I have encountered I do want to apologize for treating your menstrual cycles like some nasty thing I’d banish into the 7th circle of hell if I could only find the right spell book. Now I see better and I look forward to the day when I and some lady friend can go shopping for sanitary pads.

Hey it’s just blood 😀


4 thoughts on “IT’S JUST BLOOD

  1. Lmao!!! Periods aren’t much of a big deal, plenty pain though. Guys should see it as babies not come to life, that’s what it is anyway. And Dotun, shop for pads but keep your distance afterwards*lol* It’s the moods that are more irritating!

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    1. Weeeeeeeellll to be quite honest we all have mood swings. Its just that for some reason period mood swings have been painted extra black. Heck i wake up some mornings feeling lousy as hell and i don’t have to get a pad!! 😀


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