Dear reader a thought came to mind a month ago and it was thus:

“Do not make talent a barrier to learning”

Having mused on it for a while I realized that it was a double-edged statement as it applied to those who due to being talented in some area eschew further learning and development and also to those who never seek to learn because they don’t consider themselves gifted. Today I will be focusing on the latter. Now please take note that these are my thoughts and are in no way meant to be all-encompassing so if they resonate, kindly hold them close and if not TOSS EM!

Moving on…

There are those things we are talented in and those we are not and we have been trained to focus on the areas of talent and to largely ignore those things we don’t have natural inclinations for but I have of late I have found this to be a somewhat myopic way of living. While it is true that there are things we might have a desire to do but lack the necessary talent or skill to do, does it mean that we ignore those things? I don’t know about you dear reader but I have had a rethink. I say Go. Go for those things you desire and do not let a lack of talent stop you. Go for them. Seek learning. The fact that you desire to do them is enough reason to pursue learning. Now it is true that due to lack of natural gifting, you might never attain “Master Class” in that particular or reach a point where you are sought after by millions, but I say those things do not matter. Go for them for no other reason than your personal satisfaction. Personal satisfaction tends to get a bit of a bad rep (people consider it selfish and all) but I believe that your personal satisfaction (in everything) is vital and should never be ignored.

So here is my counsel (if you choose to accept it) That thing that you are naturally gifted at and enjoy, make it a life career and those things that you desire to do but lack the natural gifting at, make them your hobbies. I have no natural talent for dancing but I have always admired dancers and the kinetic poetry they weave and I have made up my mind to learn as much as I can. I advise you to do the same.

Do you desire to sing but perhaps lack the voice? Pursue it as a hobby. Learn the fundamentals. Go for voice training. Express yourself

Do you desire to draw or paint and lack the skill? Pursue it as a hobby. Seek to learn it. Attend drawing or painting classes. Go on the internet and look up “how to draw or paint” videos. Express yourself

Do you desire to cook (like me) but can’t cook water? Pursue it as a hobby. Seek to learn it. Express yourself

Like I said earlier, you might never attain a level in these things that people from all over the world will be stumbling to get a piece of it but the personal satisfaction and fulfillment of engaging in those things you desire cannot be compared to fame and success (besides you have your own natural talents for that) 🙂

So seek to learn. Give way to your desire(s). Express yourself and find your life taking on a whole better quality. You’ll be a much more interesting person too 🙂

So those are my thoughts. What are yours? 😀

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