Hey you!

Yeah you with the whip, stick and carrot

You doing your uttermost to manipulate and control

You’ve spent so much on the above that you’ve exhausted Yourself AND others too

You’ve drained  radiance out of life and left it all black and blue

Your attempts at control haven’t amounted to much either

People were never made to be controlled

The standards you demand they meet up to is not present in their core

And when they “fail”  again and again, Your whip cracks:

“Why can’t you just behave?!”

“You are so stupid!”

“You’re such a disappointment!”

“I expected more from you!”

But You have failed to notice some things though

That You have charge over only one person i.e. You

That no one else is responsible for your inner space but You

You have expected (and demanded) that others fix it up and keep it tidy for You

And in affection with a big helping of ignorance they labor and labor and “fail You”

And with each “disappointment”  anger, angst and cynicism multiplies in You

Ad you consider everyone a massive fail with the exception of course being You


Isn’t it about time You take responsibility for You?

Isn’t it high time You go within and put Your house in an order that is pleasing to You?

Isn’t it about time You face those dark corners and open those doors labeled “NO ENTRY” by You?

Isn’t it about time You grow up?

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Thank you again


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