Dear reader I have a question for you:

“When was the last time you celebrated YOUR progress?”

This thought floated into my head sometime ago and I found myself thinking (again) 😀

Look i get it. We have all been wired to see celebration as something that should only happen when you attain a certain goal, When you are making that money, when you lose the set amount of weight, when your business is reaching a certain number of customers etc but I believe that such thinking that encourages you to fix your eyes only on the horizon is flawed and leads to us losing the joy of the now. When we are so focused on getting from point “A” to point “Z”, we end up being totally blind to points “B” to “Y” and as a result a lot of living is lost.

Look i get it. There is a tendency to believe that the present sucks and that it will only stop sucking when we have reached that goal and I commend you for having a goal and going for it but I think that you should also take time to appreciate your present and relish how far you have come. As Joyce Meyer once said “I might not be where I want to be but thank God I am not where i used to be”

So here is my counsel (if you choose to accept it)

Take stock of all the steps you have taken towards the attainment of your goal(s) and appreciate each one. You might see them as just “baby steps”, but baby steps are still steps and great steps too (besides what’s wrong with taking baby steps? they are a necessary and critical part of growth)

Take time and appreciate how far you have come. Look and appreciate all the obstacles (few or many) you have scaled through and all the redundant thinking you have shed along the way. Look and celebrate your work thus far. Don’t lose your now in the pursuit of later. You have come a good ways (and you will yet go further) so rejoice in each step, drink to yourself (it is allowed!) 😀

Practically, this might look different from person to person. For me, I spend nights before bed gawking (yes gawking) at my designs and writings and saying (to no one in particular) just how much I love each one (and I do). I haven’t yet reached my goal(s) but I’m certainly loving the steps to it.

So those are my thoughts dear reader and I’ll leave you be with this “If You don’t appreciate how far You have come, who will?”

Be Inspired 🙂

For more on this, check out my poem Will you not pause? and do remember to check out my online shop (the Wordsmithcafe) here. We stock fine inspirational print art for your pleasure 🙂 Thank you!


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