Helloooo dear reader!

Now this is going to be a somewhat short post so lemme jump right into it.

I noticed a bad habit last night when i was pacing the living room floor listening to music and dancing (okay it was more like spasmic jerking but don’t lose me now!) I noticed how i tend to be fixated what is “wrong: and letting that be my focus.

Like literally I could be surrounded by white and my eyes would be fixed on that one blot. All I’ll see is that one blot (Ever noticed that when you focus on something, you become blind to everything else?)

Perhaps you share the same bad habit?

On realizing this, I decided that I  wasn’t having it anymore and thus I have embarked on a journey of letting only the “positives” be the things that fill my heart and move my lips.

I’m advocating that we turn our eyes from what “isn’t” working and instead appreciate what is working. I am saying we should set our hearts on the good in our lives and let that fill us up. Because you see everyday there are challenges, on the media and on every lip is a lot of woe, brokenness and death and if we let it, these things become all we see. They become the basis of our emotions and I for one can tell you it is quite miserable.

So how about this dear reader. When you wake up each morning (and perhaps before you go to bed each night) think of all the good stuff that is going on in your life and appreciate each and every one.

Now I understand that for some, this attitude feels like sticking ones head in the ground and denying reality but here are my thoughts on that. Being grateful for the good doesn’t mean you deny the nasty stuff going on. NO. It simply means you face each challenge from a place of positivity, vibrating with gratitude for all the good in your life and then you address every challenge from this place of gratitude, doing all that you can (and if nothing can be done, you stay on the good and remain positive). In my personal experience when challenges are handled from a place of self-encouragement and gratitude, those challenges that seemed so big and imposing tend to find themselves solved in shockingly simple fashion.

Say this with me “Today I see the good in my life and rejoice in each and every last one of them”

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Thank you!


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