“I hate men”  with eyes livid with rage she said

“I hate men” those words hit me hard and I saw red

 Ego screamed “You hate men?! So you hate me too?!”

“What the hell! Girl I’ve been here for you!” “I’ve always been there for you!!”

“I’ve stood by you when it hurt. Been of aid in your times of need. I’ve been nothing but true!”

It all made sense ,this indignation, until my heart chimed in “But this is not about you”

“It’s about this lady riddled with pain. She is wounded and torn”

“Do not forget that those that have done her wrong have all been of your form”

“So you can take this personally and turn away from her”

“Or you can love her still and perhaps help redeem the image that speaks only trauma to her”

“Her heart bleeds terribly. Life has been dull and grey”

“So what will you do? Will you go or will you stay?”

(Featured image courtesy Google images)

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