Daddy you are not here but in my reflection I see you

That’s your uneven skin, wild mustache and black eyes rarely blue

That’s your big big smile and nose shimmering with enough oil to make an omelet or two

These features bring me pleasure and they all came from you

You are here in every pore and ripple

From my biggest toe to the tiniest follicle

Going deeper I still see you dad

I hear you when tickled and feel your tears when it hurts bad

I feel your intellect and enthusiasm in the words I pen that leave hearts glad

I see you in the tilt of my head and love for music (every genre)

I see you in my “addiction” to water and in my meditations as I think and ponder

My Father. You did a lot of wrong, your walking out left a big hole

But you did right too (one of which is me) and thus I honor you with this piece of my soul

Thank you

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