Dear reader,

What is it that you have NOW?

An odd question perhaps but please hear me out.

I have been thinking of late about how we get so caught up with what we don’t have that we lose sight of what we do have. Now i know that statement may sound awfully cliche, “motivational speech” but I am of the opinion that within that statement lies the key to a lot of us moving forward.

I was reading an article some weeks ago by a professional photographer who remarked on how a lot of  young, aspiring photographers he has seen get so caught up in having the best equipment and when they don’t have access to these things they feel ashamed and stop trying. His counsel to them was to make the most of what they had to the point that whatever image they captured would come out exactly as they pictured it in their minds. Wise don’t you think?

It might seem like common sense, but i have observed personally how with fretting over things not available Now, I lose sight of all that is available and the tragedy of this is that when the now is lost so is the future.

You might be looking to get in shape but don’t have money to register at a gym, What is it that you do have?  A body, personal space to work out and all sorts of YouTube exercise tutorials.  A friend of mine is a running a gym. At the moment, the gym has none of the basic gym facilities but that is not stopping her She is working with what she has and  is getting results by engaging with those that register in effective exercise routines that don’t require equipment to do.

You want to write or draw but you don’t have a lot of time due to responsibilities, What is it that you do have? Perhaps an hour? a few minutes even? A friend of mine made up her mind to never let a day pass without her writing at least a single line. She is a single mum with 3 kids to take care of by the way.

You want to save a particular amount every moment but you present salary makes that impossible. What can you save then? Even if it is only a 1000 (I am serious) start there and watch it grow.

There is always a walk around

In my opinion, we get bogged down by putting focus on the wrong things. I believe that in our present moments lie the future we desire, so do not lose sight of today. What is it that you have right now? That very thing is all that you need for the next level. It might not look flashy, it might look weak and feeble but it is enough.

Thank you for reading

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