Brother you have forgotten

Forgotten how when your socks were wet, she kept your feet warm

Forgotten how when business wasn’t going so good, she was words that kept you calm

Forgotten all her sacrifices to keep you running; banishing emptiness from your pocket and palm

Forgotten the slew of advances she turned down cause she “felt” she had you

Forgotten all the disapproval “you can do better” “he is beneath youshe withstood all because she wanted you. Only you

Forgotten all the sweet things you said:

“My darling. My life. You are my treasure. Together we will paint the town red”

And now you are here. Successful, famous and wealthy as can be

And she has been traded off for a model more “your style”, more “your level”, more “sexy”

And the woman of your small beginnings is now the unanswered calls on your iPhone, a footnote in your story, a fading weeping memory

You have forgotten

But why wont you? when your need, your “lack” is all you ever see

And every woman is but a tool, a means to an end, a subconscious attempt to be free

Brother go deeper

Go deeper for your salvation. No woman is your freedom or your crutch

Go deeper and see the sense of lack that has enslaved you to circumstance. Placid in little, a monster in much

Go deeper. Beyond the surface and find that self-worth undefined by what you have or see

Go deeper and thus be able to cherish love truly given and finally be free

Or don’t

Stay forgetting, stay unaware. Keep on “living” without a clue

But be assured that Karma is a bad bitch that remembers and she will surely remind you

(Featured Image from google)


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