She is still there

She is there, always there. Continually flitting into view

She cant be more than three, at least two

Her clothes are a mess, the blood seeps down her legs, shame colors her face a dull hue

Her arms are extended, you can see every welt, reaching to you

It is a painful sight so she is shut away, drowned out, pressed from view

Denial, work, pleasure, pain, pills pink, red, white and blue

“Try one, try two, do it all. You need them. You do”

Yet she is still there, her arms extended, reaching to you

Her face never stops emerging. It keeps breaking through the haze

So the anesthesia increases and days are spent in a spent daze

But when the buzz simmers (as it always does) and the noise wears thin

You see her there, you feel her reaching and you hear her plea 

“Love me”


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