Last night after meditating, I was jamming to a little K-Pop and i decided to do something new. It’s been a few weeks since my blog went up and I want to put a little face to “Wordsmith F”. So without further ado, here are 20 random things about me.

1) I am a 30 year old single Nigerian male with physical features that my friends insist make me look like Eddie Murphy (hmm…maybe it’s the mustache)

me frowningeddie

2) I love laughing and making people laugh. I consider a face painted with the color of laughter to be one of the most beautiful things in the world.

3) I consider the years I spent watching cartoon network as having played a vital part in the shaping of my personality. Ah those mornings when i’d wake up as early as 7am just to sit in front of the TV and take in the bright world of loony tunes and more. PRICELESS!!!

4) I DO NOT enjoy football ( I might watch the occasional match and get all tense when the Super Eagles* are playing but my heart isn’t really in it) I AM a lover of all things Anime and videogames and I plan to be that 90 year old who leaves kids in awe of his cartoon knowledge and gaming skill. And for those you who love football  and wonder about a 30 year olds  anime and videogame fixation, I wonder about your fixation with 22 color coded men chasing balls:


5) I subconsciously act out moments that I saw on TV and in movies. So if you ever meet me face to face and notice me acting in a way that seems vaguely familiar, it is quite likely you saw the same movie I did 😀 Oh and I strike random poses in my head. Right now I be like:

polnareff pose

6) I spent a large portion of my youth  in self hate. Self hate that bled out as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts ( The only thing that kept me from offing myself back then was I couldn’t settle on a painless way of doing it). Thanks to a few experiences and enlightenments, I have come to appreciate and love myself and Life couldn’t be brighter.

7) Despite my glasses and apparent “geeky” appearance I suck when it comes to politics, economics, Math and most aspects of science. So in the midst of such discussions I am less Steve Urcle smart and more:


8) I adore music. I do not have a favorite genre though. Presently I am listening to Trailer Music (Two Steps from Hell, Thomas Bergesen), Symphonic Metal (Night Wish), K-Pop (Big BANG FTW!!!!!!) and Anime sound tracks. One of my personal delights is going beyond the radio and discovering new music from all over the world. (There are sounds people! SOUNDS!!!!!)

i love my music

9) I am sooooooo grateful for the lady friends in my life. I spent most of my years unable to interact with the opposite sex and now being able to not only do so but to count these women as my friends is an honor. Not only have they been good to me in various ways (not that way get your head out of the gutter) but through them I’ve come to appreciate further the strength, uniqueness and utter work of art that is the Woman. So without ado and in no particular order, here’s a shout out to:  Adaeze Amalu, Victoria Jerry Stunner, Ebuh Blessing, Farrah Khan, Priscilla Ajiduah, Astia Asseh, Ijeoma Okolie, Jeannie Tuna, Esther Adeniyi, Temitayo Majekodunmi, Julia Seyi Pedro, Anita Embelakpo Oki, Faith Onosetale, Chidinma Obiakor, Erhu Amreyan, Odes Onome, Viktoria Sanji, Kosiochukwu Igboka, Bennie Anyanwu, Lolade Akinsanya, Dera Uduezue, Theresa Thomas, Jumoke Adekoya, Nkem Nelly, Corrinne Brubaker, Blessing Ebur, Lorna Love, Ojumah Ogochukwu Osariemen Bello Asemota. You guys are awesome. Thank you.

you rock 4

10)When I was 18, I watched my father leave my family. After years of marital infidelity, he sold the house we lived in, moved in with one of his “side chicks’ and left us homeless. Haven’t seen him since. I do hope to see him again someday and take care of him. Sigh. Anyway moving on

11) I talk to myself. A LOT. I probably spend more time talking to myself than anybody else. (I am NOT crazy…my mother had me tested) It HAS been the source of a lot of personal enlightenment and a fair number of my poems too.

talk to myself

12) I adore the person of Jesus Christ. I believe that He is God made flesh and the savior of Humanity. I do not however buy a lot of mainstream doctrines about Him and it is in fact my ever evolving thoughts on Jesus and Man by extension that led me to depart the institutional Church system in order for me to know Love for myself.

13) I am an unabashed lover of the female form. I believe that the female body in every shape and size is beautiful and should be respected, celebrated and allowed to breathe. So ogle I shall:


14) I sound a lot more excitable in writing than in person. I really don’t know why though. It used to bother me quite a bit until I realized that it was necessary for me to embrace all of me in every “manifestation”. That no part of me was to despised and that every part of me was a gem to be discovered. Sigh…I love me.

15) I love meditation and deep thinking. Some of my best moments are spent marching the living room floor in the dark thinking (and monologuing) about all sorts of things. So if in future we happen to be roommates and you spot me some night half naked, mumbling to myself and laughing while walking around in circles, please DO NOT call your pastor or the men in white. I AM NOT CRAZY. I am having fun 🙂

16) I enjoy encouraging others in word and writing. I believe that every man, woman and child is a gift, An irreplaceable blessing and to spend my life enlightening people on these is my dream.

you're awesome

17) Ooooooh I love Memes!! As far as I am concerned, Meme’s were created to give a face to laugh out loud humor, dry wit and sheer mischief. Take these for example:

bullshitguzzle this

18) I don’t like driving. I don’t. AT ALL. It doesn’t help any that my last driving lesson ended up with me accidentally pressing the accelerator rather than the brake when the car was right in front of gutter. (Cough)… Don’t judge me!!!

tamaki sulking

19) I am just waking up from the “spell” of colonialism (Thank you Tehtu Laghima) and now I am celebrating  my uniqueness and African-ness.  I am an African. I am Nigerian and I am proudly black (well technically I am more Nutella-skinned but you get the point :D)

20) Finally I Love my big teeth and smile and do not hesitate to flash it. I think of it as three parts “You are delicious” and one part “Hungry”

smile evil

What’s the point of all this you might be wondering? It is me celebrating myself. Why not do the same? 🙂

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m grateful to God for meeting you and you’ve been not just a friend but I consider you as a brother too and this little bio of you is lovely to read and you’re not the only one that speaks to himself, I’m an expert in that as well to a point I end up laughing and smiling in public and when I’m carried away I do a quick dance move before coming to my conscious state so you are normal.
    Lastly, thank you for being there in my darkest moments and God will help you succeed in your endeavours.

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  2. this is really amazing…i am quite elated at ur self discovery..& yes u really are an eddie murphy look alike…my humble suggestion is that u shud write a book on personal happiness..this is pleasurable yet deep…made me become introspective…u r special, gifted & highly intellectual & a wonderful friend…never let anyone take that away from u..

    Liked by 1 person

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