The juggernaut marches on and my world quakes in awe

Of a wonder woman, small of frame but mighty to the core

Out of darkness she has emerged. Undaunted and unbroken

Into much glory she goes and to achievements unspoken

As saints travelling in air she is free. Her’s will never be caged

Woe to those that will seek it so for she is a tempest when enraged

Each day she gracefully bears her dream through calamity

All the while nursing another from infancy to maturity

Despite the hurts, notwithstanding the pains she marches on as not a victim

Onward she goes for She knows the truth that her tales are yet being written

So with every step she takes, the pen falls and her life is captioned “Strong and Able”

“A loving mother”, “Resolve on two legs” ,”Utterly Unstoppable”

Watch out


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