I am fire and velvet steel

I am the longing in the garden; desire made real

I am passion passion burning bright

Inspiration setting aglow the night

I am the story that reads resilience

Tales of courage cleaving paths through mountains of resistance

Mine is the yoniverse, bearing and nurturing life to the full

“Fragile” is not my name, Unbroken I am in days dark and cruel

Your “Rescue” I do not require, your pedestal will not be my cage

Many a hell bears my footprint and I have weathered many a storm’s rage

I am the architect of a lot of victory and the catalyst of downfalls more

So woe to you systems that would muzzle me, I will dance on your corpses till my feet ring sore

I am the Eagle, the Albatross. All of Life is my sky

Look for another to sing to your pleasure for this bird is made to fly

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