Have You ever found yourself feeling “intimidated” in the presence of another? A total stranger, friend or even family member? Do the possessions, success of this “other” make You feel sad, shameful and uneasy about Yourself?

I don’t know about you but I know the above quite well. The sense of unease, sadness and even shame. I know them well and perhaps You do too?  In a world where worth is considered everywhere but within, this feeling of inadequacy runs rampant and bears fruit in very nasty ways. Most commonly it takes the form of pressure to “acquire and become”. In other cases it is a “scapegoating” of those we “see” as triggering these feelings of lack within us and we lash out at them. All of these are done in an attempt to “feel” better about ourselves but in my experience, temporary relief is the best they can provide and the core issue remains unhealed.

I am of the opinion that this sense of inadequacy and lack upon which many world systems and businesses are built is due to a misdirection i.e. A perception of “self” as something found without and not within. I believe that every individual is a unique expression of wholeness and completeness and it is a lack of awareness of this that breeds a sense of lack, inadequacy and worthlessness. We are not made to live lives underneath the captions “Inadequate” “Incomplete” and “Less than”. No. You are whole. You are complete not because You have “attained”, “become” or “acquired” but because You are You. The car Your neighbor drives, the jobs they have, their personal success does not remove the slightest bit from Your person (or add to theirs). Possessions ,positions, processions are incapable of making or unmaking You.

So tell me dear reader. Where is “lack” when You are complete and whole? Where is “inadequacy” when You are enough? Where are “the gaps” when You have none? Where is “shame” when the past does not own or define You? Where is “unease” when Your life is glorious? Where is “falling short” when Your life is wholly Yours and You are all You need to be?

Be free.


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