From me to you (15 Inspiring Statements)

1) As You live each day, beware of the tendency to side against Yourself. You need all the support You can give

2) Your treasure is where Your heart is. It is Your treasure, it bears Your name and can only be accessed by You. So get busy discovering Yours and leave others to discover theirs.

3) Your dreams are just that, Your dreams. The only person that has to believe in them is You

4) Love is fully realized in a person not just You love your neighbor but Yourself as well

5) The baby steps you are taking are great steps. Celebrate each one. 

6) Marriage is not about how “late” or how “early” but how “well”

7) With Your face untouched by cosmetics, learn to look at Yourself every morning with a smile and a compliment

8) You cannot fight another person’s battle but You can cheer them on

9) Science and Spirituality are not enemies but lovers alienated only in our heads

10) The harm of pornography is not that it exposes us to what sex is but rather to what sex is not

11) What is perverted, depraved, sinful and a stumbling block? Is it the naked body or our perception of what the naked body is?

12) You want others to like you? That is good but what chance will they ever have to do so when YOU are never You? 

13) Like a rainbow and a sublime musical composition, Humanity is a display of sameness and uniqueness. To truly live as one with others is to not only embrace all that is alike but also all that is distinct.

14) Seeds of transformation are rendered dormant in an atmosphere of condemnation and self rejection but take root and flourish when compassion and acceptance is given.

15) A kingdom is never as blessed as when a servant fills the throne.

(Excerpt from my soon to be published book “From me to You”)

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