What does Life consist of?

I woke up this morning and I realized something. My life is easy, my life is light. My life is not stress, tension, frustration, pressure. Am I off my rocker? Not yet. Have I bought into some “fluffy cloud” belief? Nope. Here me out…

What does life consist of?  Is it what’s happening on the outside? We all go through challenges, issues and all sorts but are these things the sum total of our lives? Are we the daily grind, the turmoil, the tragedy? Do daily occurrences (good and bad) define us? Are they who we are? Two men in the same situation, one is heavy with despair and the other is as light as a feather. What separates them? It certainly isn’t their external circumstances so why the difference?

I am of the opinion that our identity isn’t found in what goes on without, the challenges of life et all but rather who we are within. This is largely foreign to most cause we are every day driven by society, community to view circumstances (good and bad) as who we are and thus when we encounter challenges,  we identify with them subconsciously and these become a faux “state of being”. Is it any wonder that  lives are often filled with tension, unease, anxiety, stress and more? And in reaction, some people have learned to live with these, considering them as “normal”. While others do all sorts to alleviate these feelings and addictions are born. Neither of these reactions cuts it for me.

I believe that as a human being ( and I define humans as the image and likeness of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) that my identity is  Love within. That as a human being I am a creation of Love and that Love is my nature. To find Love is in essence to find myself. I also believe that this is probably the reason why Paul was able to say in 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 and I quote:

We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down but not destroyed”

With so many issues to deal with on the outside, Paul was neither distressed, despairing, desolate or destroyed (The terrible D’s!!!) because I believe he found his identity and sense of self in the union He had with God (Love). What governed his inner space wasn’t the appearance of things but rather who he was (is)

This is my conclusion on what Life consists of. Do think about it dear reader. Bless you

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