There will be win

Don’t give up

Keep going though things seem stuck on pause

For eventually your dawn will break to all round applause

Once looked at with pity or read as “A failure going nowhere”

The pages will turn and your triumph will be a story to treasure and share

Don’t give up

Consider where you’ve been, the milestones set and obstacles surmounted

You saw the end, you stood at the peak, many a victory you’ve counted

Despair fell at your feet and impossibility scurried away

You won then and you will again, in hardest storm and blackest day

Don’t give up

Even now you inspire, your resolve is seen and kindles many a fire

Your dedication, strength and persistence amidst tears stirs my soul

Good woman; Dearest fellow thanks to you, I will see my dreams made whole Don’t give up

There will be win

So much win  🙂

Bless you

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