There is only one

I have been thinking about competition lately. What it is, why it is and why we participate and live our lives in it and I would like to share these and the subsequent realizations I have arrived at with you. Please note that these are my personal thoughts and are in NO WAY all encompassing or the final say on the subject. So if it resonates, treasure it and if it does not, treat it like a housefly buzzing around your afternoon meal.


What is competition? It can be defined as the act of “competing” (bad dictionary right there!!) for a prize or profit. A test of skill or ability and so on. I see competition as people (plants and animals included) seeking to secure something desirable which is (or considered to be) not enough or in short supply and therefore I perceive competition as emerging from a mindset of “lack”.  We think:

There isn’t enough room for all of us (So we compete for space)

There aren’t enough desirables for us all. So we compete.

We can’t all be “number 1”. So we compete for the “top spot”

These kinds of thoughts coming from a place of “lack”, “not enough” lead to every aspect of life becoming tinged with competition. From business, sports, talent shows, right down to how we look and feel in comparison to our neighbors we compete and use various scales to measure who comes out “on top”.

I have been thinking:

Is this really the way things are?

Were we born into a planet of lack where our place and relevance is determined solely by how much of the “good stuff” we can secure?

Is our worth really defined by these scales of measurement we have created?

I have come to a few personal realizations. I do not believe that any man was born into a world of lack and not enough. I believe that every man, woman and child is born with enough within themselves to tap into this world of abundance and harvest their own personal treasures. I believe that the spotlight is big enough for EVERYONE.

Having come to these conclusions, I am of the opinion that the scales by which we measure and judge ourselves and our expressions are at best limited and at worst flawed. Think about it, we humans even though all the same, are yet utterly unique. There is no one like me. There is no one like you. No one can sing like you. No one can express herself in words and writing like you. No one can do a particular job the way you can. No one has your face. No one has your world view. That you are you puts a unique imprint on any similar trait, or gift you share with others.. There is really is no comparison and what you have is more than enough.

So here is what I propose to you dear reader. Consider a change of thinking. When you were born into this world, abundance was born into this world. You are utterly unique. One of a kind. You have your audience, your place and your own personal success and no one can take it away from you. So in every sphere of life, know that there really is no competition for “Where is the comparison when there is only one?” Do not define yourself by any competition and base your worth on them. Rather live to the fullest of you (Do take note that I am not saying no longer participate in competitive events. Feel free to do so but be settled on the fact that “win”, “lose”, “first” ,”last” DO NOT define you) Consider your neighbor no longer as an obstacle. You have your own path just as they have theirs. You have your own treasure, just as they have theirs. So instead be inspired by your neighbor.  Let your neighbor and all their exploits stir you to be the nothing less than you. There is only One dear reader. You



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