The “U” in Beautiful

Something has been simmering in my mind these past few days and I thought to share it with you guys. Please note that these are purely my thoughts on the issue. I do not consider myself an “expert” on the subject so please muse on this after reading okay? okay? good!!!

It’s about beauty. Specifically Physical beauty. I am of the belief that we have sold ourselves short. How you ask? Well I think we largely perceive physical beauty as some standard. Some amalgam of features that we are either born into or confirm to and we carry this standard in our heads under the caption “THIS IS HOW A REAL MAN/WOMAN SHOULD LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!” (echo)

But I beg to differ

Why you ask again? Well simply because in a world of over a billion unique (one of a kind and utterly irreplaceable) human beings there cannot possibly be some universal standard of physical beauty that leaves us either IN or OUT and consider also that over time the “ideal look” of a man and a woman has changed. I am of the opinion that the “physical beauty standard” is simply an illusion and that physical beauty is an individual and, as a result, utterly unique thing. In simple speak, Physical beauty is you, me, we.

Your physical beauty does not lie in the perception of others (for as many people that will find you unattractive, there are many that will) and it doesn’t lie in some media formulated (and propagated) standard. Physical Beauty is you. It is your body right now, right here  and it is only a part of the full spectrum of loveliness that is you.

So dear reader I think it’s about time you take a good look at yourself and realize that there is NO SPOON NEO!!!!!!!! (ahem) no standard that your looks either rise to or fall short of. Your belly doesn’t have to look a particular way, your arm muscles don’t have to be a required number of inches or your chest a particular size, your nose doesn’t need to be a particular shape etc. There is only beautiful you, handsome you, pretty you!! So don’t wait for anyone to celebrate your body. Your body longs only for YOUR approval. So have at it!

“Physical Beauty transcends every standard that we try to box it into and finds its fullest expression in every individual” Wordsmith F


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