The pursuit of happiness?

“The pursuit of happiness”

The belief that happiness is a state outside of ourselves and is therefore something that needs to be reached out for with all we’ve got. I have been thinking about this of late. When I consider my life personally and observed the life of others, I believe we are all “pursuing” happiness in one form or the other. This pursuit takes on several forms. Consider the following incomplete statements for example:

I will be happy when I ________________________

I will be happy when I stop ____________________

I will be happy when they ______________________

I will be happy when it __________________________

The list is endless.

The odd thing is, this pursuit does not seem to be paying off. In my personal experience, happiness remains fleeting. It is always strangely absent in the “now” and always present in the “next”. The next job, The next relationship, the next achievement, the next pay off, the next, the next, the next.

So I have been thinking

What if happiness has nothing to do with people, places or things? What if happiness has everything to with the simple fact that YOU ARE? What if happiness is your present state of being? What if happiness is NOW?

Dear reader, I  am no longer of the belief that anyone (or anything) can make (and keep you) happy. I see happiness as an inside job. The only person that can make (and keep) you happy is YOU. Happiness is a gift that YOU give yourself permission to experience. Happiness does not lie in the hands of your spouse, children, family, friends, finances and so on. If happiness is a door You are the key. The only key.

pursue happiness no more


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