Sir Nice Guy

Hey there pretty lady! Wow you look smashing in that dress

Tell me you beautiful creature you! Are you in any form of distress?

Are you in pain or peril? Or perhaps a lot of both

Do you feel your life at a standstill? Many years and no growth?

You could do with a rescue! And lo and behold here am I!!!

What’s my name you’re probably asking? Why…I am Sir Nice Guy!!


(Cue the hero music)


With my trusty pedestal, I’ll be sure to elevate you!

With wit, charm and a heart so “giving” ill liberate and transform you!!

I’ll be there at your every low and point of need

Another like I you’ll never find. A friend! A friend indeed!!!


And when you fall in love with me

(it is only proper that you do, you see)

I’ll be your everything, your length, breadth and more

I’ll adore you long time and leave you nice and love sore


So don’t think darling, at every pinch just run to daddy!!

Your every problem is mine to solve. I love you sooo madly!!

You won’t have to lift a finger baby! Just leave it all to me!

Do be sure to run every decision by me first. I’ll be hurt if you don’t (and you kind of owe me)

And don’t skimp on the applause sweetie. Your adoration is much needed my dear

And by all means deify me if you will. Pour those praises with no care!!

I am your nice guy honey!! I am all yours my sweet mistress!!

Keep me close or lose me and find no one to care in your distress


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