Simply You

I have a question. What makes a good day? Initially my answer would be: Waking up healthy, feeling positive ,accomplishing what I set out to do, no traffic (Lagos I hail thee!!), making “good” money (C.R.E.A.M. no? ), getting compliments (especially from some goddesses shaped like Ferraris), lots and lots of good music (Thomas Bergensen, Yanni ftw!!) and a lot more. But of recent my thoughts on this have shifted due to some recent realizations. Realizations that I wish to share with you. As usual, please note that these are purely my own thoughts on the matter and are in no way intended to be all-encompassing. If it resonates, hold it close and if it doesn’t, act like this guy below:



What DOES a good day consist of? Is it when certain desirable events happen in a certain sequence at a certain frequency? (I am of the opinion that the above is what is commonly considered to be what makes a “good day”) So we wake up hoping that day’s events will be “favorable” and depending on what happened, we either get into bed at night thrilled or disappointed (Rinse and Repeat)

I don’t know about you but i perceive that there is something more behind the above. I believe that behind all of this is an actual search for a sense of self. I believe that we are looking to the events of our lives to define us. We are searching for some identity from the things that go on around us. So when events of the day are favorable, we consider the day “good” and ourselves “good” by extension and when all doesn’t go according to “plan” we handle disappointment as best as we can and look to tomorrow for “salvation”.

But I have some questions?

Are we defined by our “days”?

Are the events of each day our identity and state of being?

Is THIS how life is?

A scripture comes to mind:

“You are the light of the world”. (Matthew 5:14 King James Version)

We have lived our lives looking for light everywhere but within. Looking to outward events to be our “light” and “salvation”, we have made room for instability, restlessness, despair, depression, addiction and more pain. Where is our “light”?  Is it so high up that our days are spent longing for someone, something, to bring it down to us? Is it so deep in the abyss that our time is one spent screaming in the darkness. No.

You are the light of the world.

You are the good, the joy you have been searching for. When You woke up this morning, goodness woke up. You give goodness to the day.

You are the light of the world.

You are the brightness of the morning and the peace of the night. The beauty of living and the glory of life.

You are the light of the world.

You are not some victim being trampled on by “life” .You give reason to the day. You shape the day. You. You. Simply You.

The clouds do not “define” the sun. Though its rays may seem “gone” for the moment, It remains radiant and always burning. Permanent. Is it not the same with you?

So dear reader how about a new line of thinking? How about we no longer look to things outside of ourselves but rather acknowledge that you, me, we are the very goodness of the day? That we are more than enough? Would our days not be awash with peace? Won’t our lives be more productive as a result?

Think about it.

I leave you with this piece by my good friend Jumoke “Meena” Adekoya.

Light 2


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