Letter from a repentant man

Woman, i am sorry

Sorry that i have sat as judge and jury, weighed you on scales unfit and found you “wanting”

Woman i am sorry

In my search for validation, i have used you and finding myself unsatisfied, cast you away

Woman i am sorry

Perceiving my sense of self as i on high and you below, i have used words, law, religion and ever escalating cruelty to keep this system sure

Woman i am sorry

For i have regarded you as my Achilles heel and the force of my damnation

I have looked at you as someone to be controlled, something to fettered lest i end up destroyed

Your heart and body bear the scars of my paranoia

What have i done?

In my idiocy i marked out a piece of life, labeled it “your place”, herded you in with the warning “here and no further” and then laughed as you turned on one another

What have i become?

Seeking to rule, i have all but forgotten that a crown, scepter and throne are but symbols of service

Woman i am sorry

This is my repentance song

The lens of my father lies broken now and for once i truly see

I see that you stand strong despite the many hurts that have come from me

I see that you yet stand graceful even with all the burdens i have ladled on you

I see you; unique, beautiful, tender, strong, passionate, gifted, full of life. I marvel at your might

I see your courage in adversity, your wisdom and strength and now my heart trembles at your awesome essence

I hope that you will forgive me and let me help you on your way

That I might witness your vision, darkened by my fists healed and your grounded dreams take flight and pierce the horizon

Yours sincerely

A repentant man

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