In Loving Memory

Red hot cymbals play in my head as I wake up

With sandpaper in my throat I struggle for my next breath

I reach for relief and come away empty and I think “If only you were here”

Now stirred, my mind ripples and your voice, your smell, your touch surrounds me


I watched you

Watched you grin and laugh at my jokes

Watched you support and cheer me through broken dreams

Watched you transcend and become my reason, my earth


I held you

Held you as you smiled amidst the pain

Held you as your eyes spoke what your lips were too weak to say

Held you as you took your last breath and stepped into infinity


My darling lady in red

You remain my reason to succeed and smile through life’s valleys

Your moments are etched eternal in my soul

Thank you for living and loving me

(In Loving memory of Cynthia Ehikoje)

(If you enjoyed this and you would like a poetry piece for you or that special someone, kindly contact me on and +234 706 225 9786 and for a fee we will craft something that will make that special someone smile)


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