Embrace Your Now

Soooooooo 🙂

Again I have been thinking. Thinking about why I feel stuck. It’s like my life is on pause. The present situation isn’t to my taste and I find myself looking either to the future for salvation or to the past for comfort. I have a few thoughts on this that I would like to share with you. As usual, please note that these are my thoughts on the issue and are not all-encompassing. So if it resonates hold it close and if it doesn’t, treat it like you would if someone just flung some poop at your recently purchased expensive “aso-ebi”* and:

neo dodging


As stated above, I perceive that I (and by extension many) feel “stuck”. Our present situations are anything but ideal and we long for better. We have dreams we want to achieve but all the “tools” aren’t quite in place. There are outward situations we desire to create but things right now look slow at best and messy at worst. Questions rip through our minds:

“When will things make sense?”

“When will I finally have (insert desirable) so that I can do (insert desirable goal)?”

And despair, depression, regret and more have a jolly time painting our world monochrome.

But I wonder. Are we not selling ourselves and the present short?  Are we not doing so by defining ourselves by a past seemingly “lost” and a future seemingly “incomplete”? What is wrong with our right now?

Here is what I believe: All we have is now. What you are, right this moment, is whole, complete and lacking nothing. You, at this moment, are not defined by your “lost past” or “uncertain future”. You are whole, complete and safe right now. You define the present. Not the outward situations, You. What you are, what you have right now is all you need for the next stage, for the next step. All you can do right now is all that is needed. Sometimes we worry about what we don’t have and can’t do that we become blind to what we have and can do.

Do you have a dream, a goal or vision of some kind? Beautiful!.  You keep putting it off cause the outward don’t look ideal eh? There is a scripture that comes to mind:
“(For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succored thee: behold now is the accepted time. Now is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2 King James Version)

Right now is all you need. Now. Not later when things are more “ideal”. Now. The present situation that seems utterly “un-ideal” and “incomplete” is all you need simply because You are complete, You are ideal, You are whole, You are strong and You are able.

So take the steps you can take now. No matter how tiny they seem. Baby steps are great steps and should be celebrated rather than sneered at. There is truth in the saying that “small drops make a mighty river”. Do all you can do at this moment. Rejoice in that. I recently met an amazing woman. She is a single (sexy af) mother of three beautiful sons who desires to write amongst other things. Raising the kids all on her own doesn’t leave her with much “ideal time” but she has resolved to not let a single day pass without writing at least a single line in her diary. After hearing that, I have only 4 words: “Watch out for her!”

Dear reader. You are everything you need and your right now, no matter the shape or form, is enough. So do what you can right now. Take those “baby steps”. Keep writing even though little to no one is reading. Keep singing even though the only people who are listening insist you suck (It is a good time to suck my friend!!). Keep doing your best even though no one appears to notice and keep applying. Embrace your now. Live again.

Aso-ebi: Nigerian outfits made from matching fabric to be worn by a group of people to a party, wedding, or funeral as a uniform

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