Double A

“What makes an Adaeze?”

If we put gorgeous, smart and focused in a jar

Painted in pleasant and labeled it “her”

We would have just a teaser; barely a preview

Of the utter work of genius that is you

Whew! Words fail me! but I’ll keep trying still

Adaeze Amalu you are the real deal

Gifted, lovely, so bright you light up the day

Strong, sound and excellent, even your initials read double “A”

With a face made for the cameras and a body that denotes artistry

You leave eyes wanting more and hearts beating in rapid delivery

A tomorrow great and fulfilling lies ahead of you darling

So keep taking those little steps today and your way will keep right on parting

And when it hurts don’t forget that you are a lady (and Jumia staff) most loved

By many down here and by way more above

I look forward to seeing you laugh and smile more and I’ll have my desire

Cause you will keep coming out on top and your beautiful heart will never tire

Bless you beautiful Adaeze “Mademoiselle Daisy” Amalu

Stay Bold

Stay Gold

(If you enjoyed this and you would like a poetry piece for you or that special someone, kindly contact me on and +234 706 225 9786 and for a fee we will craft something that will make that special someone smile)

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