I will not give up, I will not give in

I am a victor and it is my nature to win

With my failures many and progress retarded

I push through despair and leave my naysayers confounded

“Why does he press on?” they shrill “Why will he not fall?!”

They do not see that though on my knees on the outside, within I stand tall

I am the light and a story of valor soon to be told

My victory will fire many a heart and leave many a doubt out cold

So I stand before this mountain ominously termed “my disaster”

And I say ” I will overcome you and stand at your peak for I am and remain your master!!!”

So pick up your song and join me as we push on amidst defeat

An end we shall see to the nightmares, flat lined will be their heartbeat

One small step forward for us and a giant leap for our goals

Onward we go scorning defeat as we heed the burning of our souls

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