African why wait?

African, African why wait…

For the media to acknowledge your beauty, your substance, the richness of your culture, the uniqueness of your paradigm, the poetry that is your language?

Why wait for another to declare that your life matters?

African, African take a good look at yourself. See

That you are rich and  as plenty as the drops of water in every river, lake and sea

Uneducated? Does education not transcend the institutions you’re mandated to pass through? Finding expression in all men including you?

Unsophisticated? Is that not but a state of mind that deifies another lifestyle while denigrating mine?!!

What makes my skin dirty, worth only to be bleached color tone?

What makes me undeserving of life, and a place to call my own?

What makes my accent ugly, dull and unrefined?

Are these not the lies that leave us deaf, mute, broken and blind?

African, African the chains are now within and we must cease to be our own prison

So let the revolution begin!!

Let us see very lie being broken and all false programming shot!

Embrace yourself and consider “inferior” no longer your lot

African, African the time is now. Why wait?


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